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July 18, 2018



We think residents in the Highlands will be interested in a partnership

the City of Arcadia has formed with Ring, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.


The partnership provides a $50 discount from Ring and another $50

from the City for a variety of cameras and video doorbells that can be

operated from your smart phone to alert you to possible burglars.


This program is separate from our Neighborhood Watch program but its

objective and benefits are definitely related: to make our homes safer,

deter crime and catch criminals.


The City’s Police Chief is expected to ask the City Council for an increase

in the budget for this partnership, depending upon the level of interest

from residents.


If you have questions or interest, please contact Jennifer Brutus at the

Arcadia Police Department. She can be reached at 626-574-5136.

Jennifer will email you some forms to complete. She will review these

and send you a promotional code to use.

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