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Neighborhood Watch

We continue to have an unacceptable level of residential burglaries in the Highlands even though the number has declined somewhat this year. The Arcadia Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch program is one of our best crime fighting tools where Arcadia residents can and should get involved under the leadership of our volunteer block captains. The program works because neighbors get to know each other and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

The Association’s objective is to increase our number of block captains and expand neighborhood participation. We currently have 21 captains and our goal is to have 25 by year-end. Members interested in becoming a block captain can contact NW Coordinator, Knut Dale, who can explain the position’s duties. Knut’s email address is

The goal is to have every street covered by one or more block captains who meet and maintain contact with their nearby neighbors. Each captain, joined by Mike Vercillo, Community Services Officer in the APD, meets with the neighbors, obtains needed contact information, explains the program, distributes useful reference information and reviews home safety tips. We have been distributing official-looking name badges for block captains to wear when introducing themselves to their neighbors and when conducting meetings.

As we grow the number of block captains, the City’s Public Works Department will install more Neighborhood Watch signs in each captain’s neighborhood. These signs have proven to be a successful crime deterrent. All of us are encouraged to call the police department at 626/574-5123 when we see something suspicious in our neighborhood. If it’s an emergency situation or one involving an obvious criminal, you should immediately call 911.

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